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United Benefit Advisors' D2HawkeyeExplorer is state-of-the-art technology, providing you with valuable claims utilization data to better manage your benefit plans by integrating medical, pharmacutical, eligibility, and disease-management data into one comprehensive databse. This helps you analyze the types of services, diagnosis, procedures and providers being used.

D2HawkeyeExplorer takes datasets from multiple data sources—practice management systems, insurance claims systems, disease management systems, utilization management systems and pharmacy benefit claims management systems—and integrates the information into a comprehensive relational database platform that contains thousands of pre-programmed algorithms. These proprietary data-mining algorithms and query tools quickly give managers a bird's eye view of the information landscape, enabling medical management opportunities (predictive modeling, risk profiling, case management), financial management opportunities, (claims audits, eligibility issues, vendor performance) and extensive reporting.

Features include:

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